IFF Logistics

Insaf Fahim Logistics Services Company

Insaf Fahim Logistics Services is a reputable name in the field of Logistics and Services and is committed to providing customer centric services and the best quality supplies available in Afghanistan. Our organization consists of Afghans and a multi-national workforce spearheading all Logistics and Service operations efforts. Insaf Fahim Logistics Services has become a trusted source of logistics supplies and various services to the nation such as office supplies, office Equipment’s, Tents,  IT Supplies, Stationary, Vehicles, Electronic items and etc.  Our organization has played a vital role in providing electrical, shelter and various support solutions to Afghanistan. We have had the good fortune of working with various contracting offices in Afghanistan for just over 11 years and have built a wealth of experience during this time frame.  This company was one of the very first Afghan organizations to prove their worth on the global scene have successfully satisfied over 400 contracts thus far.

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